Perl Poetry

OK, so I’ve got completely distracted from Christian Fiction by thinking about how computer programming is very like the art of writing fiction.  Then I thought about the language Perl – obscure, complex, arcane and beautiful.  And wonderful for writing poetry in.  For example – the well known ‘BlackPerl’:  a fully-functioning, syntactically correct and creepy poem that compiles and runs.

Then I found this!! Bohemian Rhapsody, written in Perl! Wow! Thanks to the Perl monks and to whoever wrote this.  BTW:  this is only the first part of the song.



if($this eq “real life” | “just fantasy”){

$caught = $in{‘a-landslide’};

$no = “\from reality”;


open (YOUR, “$eyes”);

$look++ => “the skies” && “c”;

$money = 0;


while ($i, $come, $i, $go){ $i = “easy” }



if ($wind = “blows”) { !$matter => me }

$parent = “female”;

$me = “murderer”;

$gun = head{‘man’};


if($gun eq “loaded”){ die(‘man’) }

tell($parent) => $life = “short”;

$life = undef;

$parent .- $tears;

if (!$back eq this(time)){ $day .+1; }

{ print “Carry on”; redo; }

$matter = 0;

if($now eq “too late”){ my $time => “come”;}

my $spine = $shivers–;

$body = $aching . all{‘the(time)’};

tell(all) => “bye bye”;

@you <= “leave”;

$face =~ tr/u/th/;

$parent = 000;

$i != “want” => die;

$i => some(time). s/never/born/ . @all;

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