Pri Lenart – Heaven’s Foothills

You know you are going to have a good week when your driver from the airport says, ‘Do you mind if we stop off at this farm to get some fresh asparagus for your dinner?’

I know it’s somewhat self-indulgent to blog about one’s holiday, but I feel as if everyone should know about the place we have just stayed at.  It really was one of the best holidays ever, and as a walking holiday – absolutely perfect.  Pri Lenart is a 500-year old guest house in a quiet, unspoilt, beautiful part of Slovenia, just outside the National Park.  They provide high-class accommodation, excellent (and I mean really excellent:  gourmet / Masterchef quality!) food, and guided walks through tree-lined valleys and paths, alpine meadows alive with flowers and butterflies, pretty churches on high hills, mountain-tops covered in gentians, wild thyme and globeflowers, and punctuated with stunning views.

We stayed with six other people and we walked with them every day, except the rest day.  The walks varied from 8 miles gentle walking, to a hard but wonderful 11 mile walk with an 800m ascent to the top of Blegoš, the highest nearby peak with clear views of the mountains of the National Park and the Julian Alps.  The weather blessed us; the other guests were friendly, interesting, excellent company and lovely to meet; our guide was a cheerful, good-humoured and knowledgeable Slovenian woman who seemed to know everyone we met and never minded us stopping for pictures or to admire the views; the food was just amazing; Keith and Sarah were great hosts and the home-made flavoured schnapps excellent.  So, if you want the best walking holiday in the world, consider Pri Lenart.   The web site is

pri lenart picture

The writing has not gone so well.   I did spend some time on the holiday working on the novel, but have hit problems with the dialogue and especially trying to find a ‘voice’ for a 24-year old church youth worker.  It sounds daft, but in particular, I can’t get him to sound right in a situation where he swears.  Where a non-Christian would say ‘Christ!’ having him say ‘Poot!’ or ‘Darn!’ just doesn’t work!  Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Pri Lenart – Heaven’s Foothills

  1. eddigoodwin says:

    This sounds absolutely idyllic. How is travel to and from Slovenia? It’s interesting that I have no students from Slovenia. Maybe people love it so much they don’t want to leave. Re the cursing, no one says ‘Poot!’ and only Americans from the bible belt say ‘Darn!’ Are you watching Fargo? They say ‘What the hec!’ It’s hilarious. We weren’t allowed to swear as kids and we came up with some very imaginative expressions and insults. e.g You steaming pile of wombat doos!

  2. cathyhemsley says:

    Travel was easy: flights from Stansted at sensible hours, left Rugby about 9am, arrived at Pri Lenart about 4pm, and returning flight was 4pm, very civilized. I was joking about poot and darn! I used to say ‘smelborp’ – a tad obscure…. (problems backward)

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