Superman with nipple bling

Great blog from my friend Eddi. Grim subject, brilliant writing.

The Red Wine Box

036“Make like Superman,” the nurse tells me. I am sitting on the edge of a very high platform dressed only in knickers and a hospital gown which doesn’t quite meet at the front. Bits of me keep popping out.   I don’t feel much like superman. I’m sure superman never had a piece of bling sellotaped to his right nipple as a “marker.” I’ve never seen him sporting a cannula into his vein.   I bet he’s never been asked to lay down on his tummy and drop his boobs into two holes in a strange padded construction reminiscent of some medieval torture device. A horizontal iron maiden in flesh coloured plastic.

What she means is that I should bring my arms over my head and keep them forward, like I am about to take a serious dive from a very high board. More Tom Daly than Superman. Then push my face…

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