Flawed Fiction by Good People

I’m still on a search for good Christian fiction. Any suggestions welcome.

I have decided that I will only post reviews of books that I can recommend. This is a result of a recent quandary. People I knew or had met – friends, acquaintances; well-meaning, passionate, intelligent people; Christians – had written and published books. I read them and they were … not good. So, should I review them and write the truth, lie about them or just ignore them?

It was frustrating. In one case I’d been asked to comment on the book, prior to publication. My comments were mostly ignored, afaics (I’m not sulking…)

Two books both opened with compelling characters in well-written and highly dramatic situations. A great start. Then the characters disappeared for the rest of the story – and in one they actually died!  I felt this was a big disappointment for the reader. On an Arvon course I was told ‘let your protagonist be the first voice that your reader hears.’ If you think about the good books you know, I bet a pound to a penny that the first voice is that of a key character, usually the main character, sometimes a narrator. I can think of very few exceptions.  (The first Harry Potter book, perhaps?)

Another book was a thriller/romance/mystery, but the climax, when the bad guy was revealed and then arrested, happened ‘off stage’, and was not actually described. What a wasted opportunity for a nail-biting, show-stopping scene full of danger and drama and emotion.

Anyway, this blog is just to say I learnt a bit more about writing from these flawed books, and that I promise I will never recommend a book just because I have met the author.




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