A Good Good Read: A Vision of Locusts

Another high-quality Christian fiction, from a British author:  ‘A Vision of Locusts’ by S. L. Russell.

I enjoyed this, and read it very quickly, and will be reading it again. It is a family drama, set in the UK, about a half-Indian teenage girl, Abbie. Her father was a strict Muslim from India and converted to Christianity, and has lost contact with his family as a result. Abbie, who is not a Christian, starts to see visions. Her parents don’t listen!  Part of the theme of the book is about lack of communication.  Then the plot thickens as a friend of the family becomes enmeshed in the ill-intentioned schemes of a neighbour.

It felt like Joanna Trollope for Christians. Good characters – I particularly liked the ‘boyfriend’, Olly – and an intriguing plot, with a particularly creepy bad guy. Very well written, great and true to life dialogue, a delight to read, well-paced, some good twists in the story, a few unpleasant moments, and a happy ending.  I would recommend it for Christian women and older teenagers (no gratuitous violence, no explicit sex, not even any swearing!)

(Spoiler alert)

It wasn’t ‘preachy’ which I appreciated. I half expected the teenage girl to have a dramatic conversion experience (which would have been the case, no doubt, had this been written by an American Christian!) but the story was far more subtle, more like real life. The end section, in Indian, was moving and evocative.

I was very pleased to spot a hint in the plot very early on – and be proved right! My only niggle was that the last section was in italics:  I could see why this was necessary but it seemed harder to read. Of course, that could be my eyesight….

vision of locusts

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2 Responses to A Good Good Read: A Vision of Locusts

  1. I enjoyed this, the characters are well observed and believable, and I agree it isn’t ‘preachy’.

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