A Good Christmas Present: The Advent Calendar by Paula Harmon

Twenty-five short stories, one for each day of the Advent Calendar, inspired by the sort of pictures seen behind the windows in old-fashioned Advent Calendars. Not a chocolate in sight!  Instead, you get angels, Martians, zombies, dragons, ‘Elf and Safety’, donkeys, the office Christmas party, families, nativity plays – and murder!  Engaging stories, well told, and with probably more food for thought in them than in many Christmas devotionals.

With so many stories, even if there is one that doesn’t ‘work for you’ there’s bound to be others that do. Some funny, some intruiging, some witty, some sinister.  There were many snippets/tales that I particularly enjoyed:  ‘Stocking’, ‘Christmas Pudding’, ‘Bethlehem’, the Viking wife intending to give her husband a chain-mail mankini. Several stories moved me to tears.

I’d recommend this as a present for someone who likes short stories and likes Christmas. Paula Harmon is an accomplished writer, with several published books and a blog at: https://paulaharmondownes.wordpress.com/

Have a quick read of her ‘Rooftop Dragon’ flash fiction story:


The Advent Calendar

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1 Response to A Good Christmas Present: The Advent Calendar by Paula Harmon

  1. Paula Harmon says:

    Thanks so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories!

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