Parable Lives

What can I say? It’s been an incredible journey…  So much hard work, so many challenges, so much learning! I’ve needed gallons of persistence and optimism. But here it is, my baby, my book, my collection of short stories! Parable Lives: a mixture of short and long stories about living with faith, struggling with prejudice, surviving loss, making cabbage strudel, discovering an unusual garden gnome, avoiding steel cobbles and investigating the unusually large number of funerals in the town of Rugby.

If you buy a copy, then thanks! If you enjoy the stories, then I am very pleased. If you really enjoy them please recommend to your friends or church families, or leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads and an especial thank-you.

Available on Amazon:  search for Parable Lives or Cathy Hemsley.

Link: Parable Lives on Amazon


PL kindle cover 1908 ready

I must just give huge thanks to Trevor Boys at Onley Publishing for all his hard work and encouragement, to Edwina (author of the Red Wine Box blog at without whom I would never have continued writing, to Rugby Writers (especially the Rugby Association of Fictioneers) who have taught me so much, to Arven, to the Association of Christian Writers, to Scargill House, to my friends, to my children and to my long-suffering hubby who kept me persevering.


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