The Narnia books by C. S. Lewis are classics and top-class British Christian Fiction.  But is that all there is?  Are there other good British Christian fiction books around?  What makes good Christian fiction? And what goes into the writing process?

My name is Cathy Hemsley, and I am an aspiring author.  I am currently working on three novels.  One is an allegorical fantasy about bravery and prejudice, one a family drama about failed relationships, and my most recent is a complex novel about an Anglican church and the mistakes made by its youth worker. I also write short stories and flash fiction, some of which have Christian themes.

Comments are always welcome, and I am always on the lookout for people to review (as harshly as they like) my unpublished work. Please contact me if you’d like to read and review one of my stories.

I am married, with two daughters, and I work as a software engineer in Rugby.

5 Responses to About

  1. Ben Cornell says:

    I would be happy to review your work.

  2. Les Cowan says:

    Hi – I hope there is more! Have a look at http://www.worldofdavidhidalgo.com and see what you think. I’d be happy to send you a review PDF of book one in the series “Benefit of the Doubt”. See the Amazon page for some reviews – currently 4.7 stars

  3. Clare weiner says:

    Hi Cathy just read your summary of who you are etc on the blog. Quite an writing ambitious writing project!

  4. Chris Wright says:

    One good thing Cathy. You are open about writing in a christian style.
    unlike Lewis

    • I think Lewis was quite open in his day. He wrote several Christian Apologetic books and broadcast on the radio. I guess it would be like if Dawkins wrote a novel today, you’d not expect him to describe it as ‘new athiest’.

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