Two Steps Away:  Christian Fiction

Impecunious Barbara Walters becomes involved with Holy Trinity church in Merton, with its over-thoughtful and disorganized vicar, Francis Mortimer, and its typically mixed church community: authoritative, confident, bangle-wearing Marjorie Fowler; optimistic, visionary Sophie Tate; and the new youth worker and parkour addict Luke Carmichael.
While Barbara’s job prospects evaporate and money becomes tighter and tighter, Luke is making mistakes too. His involvement with a local girl, Naomi Robeson, and his advice to Marjorie’s son, have serious consequences. Barbara is caught in the middle of the conflict between Luke, Sophie and Marjorie. As Marjorie sharpens her nails, Luke is disgraced, Naomi disappears, Francis dithers, the gossip grows and the church splits, Barbara finds that when she most needs help, there is nobody there.

The Blue House:  Family Saga

Red-haired, unattractive and lonely Trisha Donovan thinks she knows who she is. A Londoner, with a dead mother and unknown father.  But when her strict and unforthcoming grandmother dies, Trisha is amazed to discover that she has inherited a house she didn’t even know existed. The Blue House: a decaying Victorian house in the village of Halcombe in the Cotswolds. And with her inheritance she finds changed surnames, vandalised rooms, smashed locks and a slow unravelling of the mysteries of her parents and her birth.

In Halcombe Trisha meets cheerful, joke-telling, ugly Richard McGregor; his friend, the confident and popular Jack Moorville; and the cool upper-class Natalie Parker.  Then Trisha discovers that Richard’s father, a local gardener called Patrick McGregor, is her father too.  She struggles to like him:  despite his knowledge of literature and poetry he is taciturn and bad-tempered.

As her disagreements with him grow into furious arguments, Trisha becomes obsessed with discovering more about the history of the house and her ancestors:  ambitious Thomas with his sour-faced wife and Irish mistress, corrupted Samuel and his strong-minded younger brother Alfred, poetry-loving ditherer Roland who married Trisha’s grandmother on the eve of World War II. But, immersed in her research into the past, neglecting Patrick in favour of her half-brother Richard and chatty Jack, Trisha doesn’t notice the selfish damage she is causing until she is danger of losing all her new-found family.

The Gifts:  a fantasy trilogy

The Curses:  Part one

When the Feorgath invade, they label the coloured gifted people ‘curses’ and order their extermination. Seven Talthen meet a strange woman who claims she can uses the gifts of the coloured people to turn the tide of war against the Feorgath and save their families. But the cost turns out to be far more than they expected to pay.

The Gifts:  Part two

Gifts can be a blessing or a curse.  Felde Sulvenor has no gifts and is only an obscure horse-breeder in a world split between the rich, powerful, coloured gifted people – the Hued, and the exploited, poverty-stricken ordinary people – the Talthen.  He falls in love with and marries Berrena Rochale,  who has been exiled from the city of the Hued because of the unrecognised nature of her gifts.

Longing for significance, bravery and adventure, Felde agrees to go on a mission to find the mysterious Magi.  But he returns branded a coward and a murderer, having abandoned his companions.  When they never return, he has to live with his shame and failure, until years later, when his son, a strange half-Hued, half-Talthen boy, is taken by the Magi to become their apprentice, and he has a second chance to be a hero.

The City:  Part three

Ezera Mertrice, a captain in the City Guard, disowns the Coloured City because of their violent prejudice against the ordinary Talthen. She meets Durston, a Talthen with a longing for revenge against the guard who killed his brother. But when war breaks out, they have to choose which side to fight on. Felde, his wife Berrena, their son and their friends are caught up in the fight,  and have to use what talents and gifts they have to try to rescue all that they love.  Berrena has the opportunity to rescue and rejoin the city that she came from. At last thrown into the adventure that he yearned for, Felde has the chance to redeem himself from cowardice to bravery.



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  1. Sounds like a very promising and intriguing plot! Good luck with this.

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